How to Avoid Skin Tanning

skin tanning
How to Avoid Skin Tanning
As summers are now at its peak, how to avoid skin tanning is a major query that bothers most of us. Since sun cannot be avoided completely, we should still aim at dodging the sunlight as much as we can to avoid skin tanning. Mentioned here are few precautionary measures to avoid skin tanning, take a look: 

Covering up the Sun Exposed Areas

Try covering up the sun exposed areas as much as you can. Use bandana or dupatta to cover up the face while cotton gloves can be used for covering hands. It is rather imperative for people who ride two wheelers like bikes, scooties, etc. to cover up their face, neck & hands as they are at the maximum risk of tanning.

Using Umbrellas & Hats as Sun Guards

Carry an umbrella with yourself during daytime. Though it is a bit cumbersome to tag along an umbrella everywhere with you but still, if you love your skin and want to protect it from damaging, this is the least that you can do. Look for some chic and hip umbrella pattern so that it acts as a fashion accessory for you! Hats too can be perfect sun protectors as well as can accessorize your look in a hot July afternoon.

Timing Matters

The best that you can do to prevent skin tanning is avoid going out between 10 am to 3 pm. This is a period during daytime when both kinds of UV rays - UVA & UVB hit the earth to their maximum power which actually leads to tanning the skin all the more powerfully. Thus, it is best to avoid this particular time frame as much as possible.

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Applying Sunscreen Lotions

Make it a habit to use sunscreen lotion of at least SPF-15 to avoid skin tanning. Tanning lotions can help a great deal in preventing sun tanning. It is advised to use sunscreens from reputed brands; a substandard quality can end up in irritation, etc.

Home Remedies for Skin Tanning

Unless you eat healthy and drink plenty of water, none of the above mentioned tips can actually help in getting rid of sun tanning. Hence, add it in your routine to drink at least 12-16 glasses of water a day. Also, develop a preference for cucumber and water melon juices as they are helpful in resisting sun tanning internally. Putting cucumber slices or soft cotton towel dipped in cold milk over your face can soothe the sunburns and render a supple & soft glowing skin. Aloevera gel is another natural remedy for soothing sunburns.